Entry #1

Well. This really sucks.

2009-10-29 09:46:29 by asya173

Guess what, world? I'm home sick today. With a nasty cold and laryngitis. Isn't that GREAT?

...so, yeah.
...hey, I've still got a lot of room, so I may as well talk about Scribblenauts. I just got it, and it is freaking EPIC. Near endless possibilities...dinosaurs, machines, weapons...even a few internet memes. My god, it has to be one of the best -nauts games I've ever played. Then again, I've only ever played two. Including Scribblenauts. Ah...Psychonauts. Seriously, though, I was half expecting for Raz to be put in it. There's really only a couple problems. It gets a little slow when there's a lot of stuff happening onscreen, and when I type 'hammerhead shark', the game froze. Pff. Whatever. I can enjoy a most excellent game where you can pit ninjas against longcat without hammerheads.

Aaaaaand....that's it.

Seriously? You're still reading this? Go on, shoo! Leave! Get offa my lawn, darn kids!


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