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I'd hate to get in a fight with him...

This is a very good movie overall. The concept is good, the colors are light on the eyes, and it's well-drawn. My only real concern here is that the animation is a bit choppy. Other than that, I feel that there really isn't too much that could be done here to improve it. Good show sir, good show.


I don't know what to say.
I was in tears by the end.
You truly have a rare skill.
My only problem with it was that it was too short.

Not bad.

I like this. The animation is okay, but not eye-catching.
I'd reccomend working on techniques, and trying to distinguish those two astronauts at the beginning from one another. I really couldn't tell which was which for a few seconds.

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This game is incredibly addicting! On top of that, the overall graphic quality is awesome, the equip and dungeon systems are unique, and the game has lots of play time. I only have some minor issues with movement- it's a bit slow. One more issue I've been having is part of the defense quests. For the final part of the demon quest, I can't finish the battle because there's one soldier that's standing at the farthest end of the screen and won't move forward...am I doing something wrong, or has this glitch happened before? If you could fix this, it would be awesome, but, you know, know pressure. Great work overall, though.

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Highly addicting, with a few minor concerns...

This game is incredibly addicting, and undeniably fun. There's no denying that. Unfortunately, there are a few things within this that could use a bit of work. For the matching games, it can get a bit tricky at times. In most other matching games, there's a small hint that comes up when you can't find another match. If it isn't too hard to program in, I'd reccomend implementing something like that into an update of this game. Another minor concern would have to be the animation-at times, it looks like the character's leg is going through his cloak. Other than that, this game is addicting, fun, and just a bit innovative. If not for these small problems, this would be a full 10.

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I've never really liked isometric games.

But my friend, this is an exception. The graphics in this game are like art, the systems are amazing, and my only gripe is that the music could use a little bit of work. I expect more like this in the future!

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